About Me

I get to work with great people every day. My clients come from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common – they all want much more out of their life.

Whether they want to focus on their business, their career, their relationships, their health and fitness or pretty much anything else, they want more and they are ready to work hard to get it. And it all starts with confidence. My job is to help them get to where they want to be. It’s my dream job!

I love coaching because I know that it works. It’s certainly helped me, and many of my clients tell me they’re achieving things they would never have believed possible without coaching. Don't believe me? Take a look at the testimonials!

My Journey

Coaching isn’t my first career. I left school to work in a bank. I think it was the idea of a sharp suit, silk tie and lots of money. Within 12 months I’d realised that suits aren’t my thing, I can make a silk tie look like a dishcloth, and almost none of the money came my way. I saved my wages to get me to the University of Liverpool to study Geography, then on to a PGCE teaching qualification at the University of Oxford. I taught Geography in Secondary Schools for 5 years, perhaps the ultimate training ground for communication skills and coaching. I was Head of Intake Year too. Effectively it was my job to visit Primary Schools to reassure the next cohort that ‘big school’ was not going to be scary. When they arrived in September it was my job to scare them into behaving!

Alan Evans life coach.jpeg

Next I enjoyed a great career in the retail sector, spending over 20 years working with some of the UK’s leading retail teams at Debenhams, Screwfix Direct, B&Q, Game Retail and HMV. As a Finance Director I led some big and complex teams to deliver outstanding results in high-pressured environments. Coaching individuals and teams was always at the heart of any success.


And now…  I still do some consultancy work in the retail sector, but first and foremost I’m a coach. Coaching pulls on so many of the skills I’ve developed over the years and gives me the opportunity to work with some truly inspirational people. I’ve loved all of my careers (except maybe the bank) but I’m very happy to have landed in coaching. I can’t imagine ever doing anything else!

What qualifies me to coach?

Belief: I know my coaching works – my clients tell me so. I’m confident that powerful coaching works in any area of your life or your business.

Energy: I’m excited and energised by what you can achieve. For the time that we’re working together I’m 100% in your corner, whatever it takes.

Motivation: I love seeing people grow and flourish through their coaching journey. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Curiosity: I want to understand what makes you tick and what holds you back. I want you to know this too so you can see how to live your best life.

Experience: I’ve built a happy, balanced life for myself but it was hard work getting here. I learned valuable lessons with every step of my own journey.

Accreditation: I graduated with The Coaching Academy, one of Europe’s leading training bodies. I’m also an accredited NLP practitioner.

Helping Hand


"Alan has a wealth of life experience and business acumen that he applied to our situation, helping me as business owner understand and develop our strategy."

Simon, PopUp Business School testimonial

Simon, Co-Founder and CEO, PopUp Business School