Coaching Services

Life Coaching

  • Finding a sense of purpose, something you want to aim for

  • Building your self-confidence

  • Understanding what motivates you and why you procrastinate

  • Developing your career, changing job, coping with redundancy

  • Getting your finances where you want them

  • Focus on your Health and Fitness

  • Managing stressful situations and relationships

  • Managing your time, getting yourself organized

  • Discovering balance

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Business Coaching

  • Setting the right strategy for your business

  • Aligning your business behind one plan

  • Better financial performance: Growth, Profits, Cash

  • Marketing your business for your clients

  • Getting the best out of your team

  • Keeping all of the plates spinning

  • Balancing business with life

  • Dealing with stressful situations & relationships

  • Making the big decisions

  • Knowing when it’s time to get out?

Executive Coaching

  • Managing change in your organization

  • Leadership development

  • Making the difficult decisions

  • Building your confidence

  • Managing your stakeholders

  • Working effectively with your team

  • Plotting the right course for you

  • Organization and time management

  • Focus on your career and development

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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  • (Re) Discover your self confidence

  • Manage your ‘state’ (how you feel) every day

  • Learn how to build rapport with others

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Better understand what ‘makes you tick’

  • Change your perspective on life

  • Change unwanted habits or behaviours

  • Manage fears and phobias



"Alan has a wealth of life experience and business acumen that he applied to our situation, helping me as business owner understand and develop our strategy."

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Simon, Co-Founder and CEO, PopUp Business School