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As a coach I have the opportunity to work with great people who want to get more out of life. Sometimes there's one part of life that isn't as good as it could be. Sometimes there's something or someone holding them back from a lifelong goal. Sometimes everything seems to be going well but it just doesn't feel great.

And sometimes they're absolutely flying but they know there's another gear. Whatever their context, my job is to help my clients to tap into more of whatever they feel they're lacking; more confidence, more motivation, more ambition, more creativity, more energy, more focus. It's a great job and I feel very privileged to have it!

There's no doubt that lockdowns have been good for my coaching business. Over the last 18 months my client book has been virtually full. Many of us were working from home, perhaps seeing more of our families, often feeling less 'connected' to our social and professional networks, and consequently many of us afforded ourselves more time to take stock of life and to dream about how things could be different for us in the future - maybe it was the time we would typically have been commuting?

Prospective clients wanted me to help them explore setting up the business they'd always dreamed of, go for the promotion they'd been shying away from, broach that thorny subject of part-time hours with their boss, take big steps to expand their business, finally sort out their unhealthy mindset towards nutrition / exercise / presentations / Zoom and so much more.

The world changed for all of us with the pandemic, and, for some this was a catalyst for life-changing decisions.

I saw more self-reflection. More creativity. More ambition. More energy. More openness to change. It's been an incredible 18 months for many of my clients, and also for me. But as life starts to return to 'normal' I'm concerned that we might lose sight of some of these things. There's much to be said for the stability and security that comes with 'business as usual', but I really hope we can still carve out time for ourselves. Time to think about what really matters to us. Time to make the changes that can help us to feel more confident, more fulfilled and more happy. It's our time.

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